Tyn Cornel Camping and Caravan Site, Bala – Score 3.5/5

Last weekend we spent two nights at Tyn Cornel Camping and Caravan site a couple of miles outside of Bala. The site is located opposite the National White Water Centre on the banks of the River Tryweryn. The site owners have put a lot of time and effort into making the facility top notch, the plots are level, most with hard standing and serviced with EHU. Be aware there’s no freeview signal onsite, neither will you pick up analogue radio, so we used our 3g mifi and streamed radio for the weekend, it worked a treat. The facilities are immaculate, the toilet/shower blocks are kept beautifully clean. Some previous reviewers have complained that the site is a bit regimented, I don’t see that. They only ask that you abide by the site rules in relation to how you conduct yourself, and respect the other guests, i’m very happy to sign up to that.

If your a dog owner, they have an enclosed dog exercise area, our mutt loved it.

Negatives. The pitch layout is a bit sterile, I would like to see some planting between the pitches just to break it up a bit.


Also the site was well below capacity when we were there, at £20+ odd quid per night, perhaps they should consider a lower price out of season. We stayed for two nights and didn’t really use the onsite camp facilities. A CL would cost me £12 max a night, so pricing is important to the consumer. It means when we are looking to slip a way for a night or two somewhere local, we will go elsewhere because its cheaper. £44 for two nights or £24…do the maths!

We had a restful first night, just the sound of the rain pattering on the van…love it. Next morning we mooched around the van for a bit before hitching up the mutt and took ourselves out of the back of the campsite onto a footpath that takes you along the River Tryweryn.


Mutts decides he won’t try white water kayaking….today!


As we walked upstream through the groups of youngsters undergoing training at the White Water Centre, it was fascinating to watch, it looked like hard work, but they were clearly enjoying themselves.


Canoeing uphill! A thankless task.

Eventually we reached the sluicegates that feed the river. This is directly below the reservoir of Llyn Celyn. A place that kickstarted Welsh Nationalism in the 1950’s/60’s when it was decided to empty the village of Capel Celyn, construct the reservoir and then flood it. Its seems inconceivable now…or is it? The water was destined for Liverpool. In 2005 Liverpool city council issued the following statement:

The Council acknowledges its debt to the many thousands of Welsh people who have made their homes in the City. They have, in so many ways, enriched the life of the City.We know that Liverpool, especially in the fields of medicine and education, has been of real service to the people of Wales.We realise the hurt of forty years ago when the Tryweryn Valley was transformed into a reservoir to help meet the water needs of Liverpool.For any insensitivity by our predecessor Council at that time, we apologise and hope that the historic and sound relationship between Liverpool and Wales can be completely restored.
Llyn Celyn looking towards the peak of Arenig

Llyn Celyn looking towards the peak of Arenig

Getting from the sluice gate to the dam, involved walking back to the main road and then dicing with death for 3/4 mile along the A road, until we reached the reservoir. Its shame there’s no footpaths, it would top off a nice walk along the river……Maybe one day?

So overall we enjoyed our short stay at Tyn Cornel, the owners were welcoming, the site was clean and well equipped and the local area is a place of beauty. If larger campsites are your thing, this site has a lot going for it.

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