The Cumbrian Coast – Part Two.

After leaving Allonby we headed south along the coast to Broughton On Furness, passing Sellafield en-route. We stayed at The School House CL a couple of mile outside the village. The site was very clean, tidy and clearly a lot of investment had taken place. My only negative comments would be the small amount of area allocated to the 5 allowed caravans/motorhomes and its closeness to the road, which although a B road, has a fair amount of traffic on it. Its also very tight for bigger units entering and exiting the site, exacerbated by a blind summit. If your a caravanner and don’t have a mover fitted, ensure your reversing skills are good!

Whist there we did a few nice walks around the local area, although this area is part of the lakes, its a few miles from Coniston Water and not as rugged as some areas. We enjoyed the walks, which can be managed in most weathers. The village of Broughton On Furness is quite nice, with a decent baker and welcoming pub, the village is reached by walking the route of the old Coniston  Railway, from our site it took about 50 mins.


The route of the old Coniston Railway

On route is a small lake/large pond, which has private fishing notices. A good spot for a sit down and a sandwich.


The Missus and the Mutt practicing their water obstacle crossing drills. I shout encouragement from a safe position

We also walked to Broughton Mills(the mills are long gone). This is a tiny cumbrian hamlet nestled in the next valley. The walk was mainly cross country on public footpaths. As you walk you can see how good the pasture land is, its lush green grass readymade for the sheep that graze it.


Looking down into Broughton Mills

There is a great pub called the Blacksmith Arms in this village that has a decent menu of lunchtime food, I would imagine its quite popular on the weekends.


The Blacksmiths Arms, Broughton Mills


The classic Cumbrian view.

Would I visit again? probably not, on our next visit we’ll head further into the Lake District and find ourselves a remote hill farm to park up at. I did notice one called Upper Hawthwaite, a fairly isolated farm CL perched on the valley peak north west of Broughton on Furness…..maybe that one next time.

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