Thick As Thieves

Two nights ago at 12:30am, we had our first “Silent Alarm” from a unit fitted within the van. Myself and the Missus(she likes a fight…she’s Irish!) were piling into the yard within about 5 mins. Had a good look around, nothing to be seen. Anyway went back to bed thinking one of two options:

1. Technical error with the software

2. Local thieves(druggies), giving the vehicle a firm push to see if its alarmed.

Next day, I discovered that 20 mins after the silent alarm initiated, a lady in a nearby cottage had disturbed two guys trying to break into her house along the same 300m stretch of road of village road.

The following night an attempt was made to get into my daughters car, which was temporarily parked on the drive.

Today we’re having a Cobra alarm fitted. So whilst the silent alarm is doing its job, what i’m after now is prevention. So hopefully with the van all stickered up and a flashing led, it will persuade them to move on. If they don’t, they may have an unpleasant introduction to the Missus and her hockey stick “Henry” !

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  1. Anonymous

    Alan keep the missus and Henry handy. xx

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