The Central Heating – A Tale of Woe

We decided to replace the central heating system, which is over 40yrs old and barely functioning. So the guys duly came in and ripped out the old system(we lifted all upstairs carpets!!!), they then fitted an all singing/all dancing Combi system. Wow what a difference, surely this was the start of the good times, lashings of hot water…radiators pumping out heat like a nuclear reactor…WRONG!! the nightmare was only just beginning (soundtrack of “Jaws” playing in the background).

Incident 1. With two hours of switching on the system, an old feed to the hot water tap in the bathroom burst, to be fair to the plumbers this was not their fault. Luckily MERT swung into action and the other half managed to switch off the mains, but not before water had started dripping through light sockets into the dining room below. @£$%^@££$!!!  Oh how we laughed, so I noted that was a decorating job to do, surely things couldn’t get any worse…WRONG!

Incident 2. I noticed the pressure was dropping quite a bit on the combi. The plumber had said before departing, if it drops, charge it up from underneath. No problem! Now i’m not the most DIY minded type of bloke, in fact as far as anything techie goes, i’m officially the village idiot. So over the next couple of days, I recharged it a few times(also phoned the plumber, but it was easter weekend, so no answer). Anyway on monday I managed to get hold of him and he said “Bloody hell, there must be  a leak on the system, is there any sign of leaking water? there should be”. Nope! replied the village idiot, I couldn’t find any.

Anyway, an hour later, whilst having a shower, thinking where the missing water could be, a lightbulb illuminated in my empty head, screaming “Artex Ceiling FRONT ROOM”….So I scampered downstairs and sure enough, no sign of water, but a very definite unstable bulge in the ceiling…..Just Greeeeaaaaat”. Cue further phonecall to the plumber, who is now an occasional member of our family, I’m thinking of giving him his own room.

Over the last few days the upstairs furniture and carpets have been moved/lifted about 4 times. We can do it in 12 mins now, Olympic Carpet Lifting, its a new sport. So this is where we are now:


Then yesterday just to top my week off:

Incident 3. The other half decided to see how resilient plastic bumpers on a VW Golf are, against a traditional sandstone wall. I can feel my ticker racing as I write this. I kept very calm and was very supportive!!  This doesn’t feel like retirement, rather an episode of “The Worst Week of My Life”.

Anyway, roll on next week!

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