The Maiden Voyage – Bryn Bowlio Llanferres – Score 3/5

Day 1. Set sail in the good ship “Chucklebus” looking for new lands. 15 mins later arrived at the village of Llanferres and found our home for the next 48hrs. The site is called Bryn Bowlio, ( its located approximately 10 minutes drive from Mold at the foot of the Clwyd Forest and Moel Famau. Its a quiet location, nothing fancy, but provides EHU/TV/Water. The touring pitches are grassed, which isn’t good in bad weather, I would imagine its pretty nice in the summer months. However an ideal place for us with a dog in tow, tomorrow we would sample the delights of Clwyd Forest.


So we set up camp, at this point my hunny bunny tried to destroy my lifelong dream of motorhome ownership by lighting the gas oven, which still contained the two kitchen rolls she’d put in there for safe keeping during the journey…..Keep calm, deep breaths! Oh how we laughed!!. Anyway after the smoke had cleared we got ourselves set up quite nicely on the site. We were on a grass pitch, which I noted was a little boggy(more on that later). Finally we chilled back with cooked meal and a glass of wine, I was zonked by 9.30pm and ready for my bed.


The Battle of the Sleeping Bags: I (not we) own 2 x sleeping bags. A 3 seasons Softie 9, which is from my army days, its about 15 yrs old and not bad if your fully clothed and inside a bivvy bag….its also green. The other is a top bollock, state of the art 4 season bag, it’s as warm as toast and it’s blue!

Now I desperately wanted the 4 season, mainly because I knew I would be warmer, but I was to much of a gentleman to “baggsy” it. She needed to tell me which one she wanted(my evil mind). So at 9.30pm, i got the bags down and casually asked what bag she would like….”Oh no pet, you choose, they’re your bags!!” My brain was screaming “Take the best bag, take the best bag”….I just couldn’t do it, I’m just your average normal martyr, so I selected the colder and older Softie. She only wanted the 4 season bag because its blue(or did she?). But I also knew she was getting the extra warmth….damn that evil woman.

Just before we went to sleep she suggested we turn off the in-van heating(we won’t need it pet!). At 0300am I awoke to Baltic conditions, even the dogs teeth were chattering as he pawed at me for warmth. My feet were actually tingling and not in a good way. Meanwhile on the other side of the van, I could make out the mass of a huddled form soundly asleep, breathing softly in her “Tested To Arctic Conditions” sleeping bag. Grrrrrrrrr

Day 2. A Brand New Day: Up bright and early 8.00am. Mmmmm bit of rain last night, grounds a bit boggy, so I thought I might move the van back a metre or so….No Chance, well and truly stuck. So after the site owners Land Rover failed miserably to tow me out, the heavy stuff was brought in, using a dumper truck to pull me off the soft ground. Things nearly went pair shaped during this stage of operation as the van brakes struggled to bind in the mud. Only the handbrake prevented me careering into the dumper truck. Result = 1 x very muddy van and its owner with seriously raised blood pressure levels. Deep breaths and Reeeeeeeelax.

After all the mornings excitement, we got settled onto new pitch, then set off like the 3 Amigos to climb Moel Famau. The weather was perfect and from the top the views were stunning. Its some 27yrs since I’d been up this hill, a great place to look over North East Wales.



After the blood raising walk, we arrived back at the site, a quick de-gunge of van and then we sat down in front of the TV to watch the rugby…another bad result. Finally my other half made steps to redeem herself  following the sleeping bag incident and prepped a much needed chilli meal….Very nice.


So tonight the van heating WILL be staying on. Tomorrow we start the long(15mins) journey home. But overall, a great trip, very enjoyable and lots of lessons learnt, in particular don’t play mind games with Irish girls, they will always win.

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