The joys of dog ownership ! Our mutt is now about 7 months old. A great dog, but will eat anything when out on his morning walk. This morning at 0700 we were woken up with a jolt, to hear him retching. Result =  1x small chewed stick and 1 x wet wipe.

I then took him out on his walk and the bugger picked up the cloth skin from a discarded tennis ball. He knows when he has something he shouldn’t….Could I catch him? NO. Eventually he swallowed it, then came over wagging his tale. I could have cheerfully killed him (deep  breaths aaaand relaaaax). So this situation is going to end in one of three ways.

Option 1. Rear End Deposit = Preferred

Option 2. Front End Deposit = Not so keen, never seems to make it outside.

Option 3. A visit to the vets for some cutting and expensive bills = Its not the cutting, its the cost!

The family is now on “Poohwatch”

The joys of dog ownership!


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3 responses to “MY LITTLE CHUM – MUTTLEY

  1. Henry used to be of a *let’s shove everything I can find in my mouth* boy until I took him to puppy classes. The teacher had a shock therapy – she put something in front of him and as soon as he went for it she screamed OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF at the top of her lungs at him. He hasn’t touched anything since if the word *off* is muttered ^_^ And he’s nine now 😉 I think it’s important to teach them not to eat things out’n about – there’s some very nasty people about and you don’t want your precious pooch poisoned or harmed.
    Just a thought.
    PS: love the new van!

  2. Cheers Mrs B, “Work in Progress”. He has done the puppy classes, so we are going to revisit that part of his training and remind him what its like when we are displeased 🙂

  3. What a character. Love to see people not leaving their pets behind!

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