We’ve been searching for the perfect motorhome for about 18 months. During this period we’ve gone through the whole gamit of potential motorhome variants. I’ve wanted rear lounge van conversions, 7 metre coachbuilts, back to 6 metre conversions and now finally settling on something in the 5.5 metre range. A smallish van conversion, thats well constructed, manoeuvrable and well specced. Its such a massive investment, I just don’t want to get it wrong. We also want a lounging area, where we can lie back, read a book, or watch a film in comfort. so that discounts any dinette versions, or fixed beds.

We’ve been ably assisted in our quest by Motorhome Fun. ( ) A nice site with a very knowledgeable friendly membership. We’ve learn’t so much just by reading up, asking questions, visiting dealerships and actually crawling around inside the vans. I’m not sure how I will actually fill the void once we make the purchase!!!!!

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