POTENTIAL: Tribute 650/550

POTENTIAL: Tribute 650/550

This is the 550 version of the Tribute van conversion(5.5m). On a Fiat Chassis, its a layout that ticks all the boxes. The 550 is really designed for a double bed sleeping option, the longer 650(6m) also allows for 2 x singles. These vans are produced in Italy, the chassis is great, but the build quality of the conversion is poor. Cheap materials and a lack of insulation seems to be the norm. Having said that, owners of these vans seem to fall in love with them. They tend to repair and improve the fit of the equipment and end up with a van that will suit their needs. It does help that the build quality is reflected in the price, if you shop around. At this stage I’m reticent to spend on something that might be problematic, but who knows? Still very much a “Potential”. 3 x seated belts, shower, toilet, oven, grill etc. All the stuff we want. A 550 can be picked up on a 2007 plate for approx £22k.


February 28, 2013 · 6:25 pm

2 responses to “POTENTIAL: Tribute 650/550

  1. Anonymous

    Cheap I hear you say
    The van is a premium van 120bhp, alloys, skirts, 6 gears, cruise control, roofbars along and across the van, Diesel Heating, Proper tv point, even some real wood fittings
    I have the 550 2008 and its really only the plastic trim on the doors which seems cheap but this can be easily changed or covered

  2. Easy tiger, its my blog, i’m entitled to my view. Nothing wrong with the base vehicle, but some of the interior is poor quality and not very well assembled. When I compare the chair fittings with a similar layout on a Duetto…..no comparison. I also have to say, the Tribby Forum owners seem to say similar. Still a great van though.

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